Business Plan Writer for Companies Raising Capital

Business Plans for Consulting Companies

Many entrepreneurs ask me if they should raise money for a consulting company? My answer in most instances is NO.

I’m also asked if they¬† need to write a 30 page plan for their consulting company? My answer is NO.

A simple 2 page plan is all you need to get started. What information should you place in your business plan?

  1. What’s unique about you and your service? Tell the reader why someone should choose you over every other available option. Here’s a clue – customer service is not a great answer. Everyone says that. Dig deeper and provide a better reason.
  2. Who’s your target market? The next item you want in your business plan is a clear description of your target market. Is it Fortune 500 companies or small businesses? Moms or senior citizens? You’ll also want to quantify the target market when possible.
  3. What are your sales goals? Once you’ve identified your target market, tell the reader what your sales goals are. For example, tell the reader “I want to do business with 75 out of the top Fortune 1000 companies.”
  4. Who do you need on your team to be successful? In order to achieve your goals, you need help. I’m not referring only to employees. Your team can include advisors, subcontractors, referral organizations, channel partners and more.
  5. What’s your marketing plan? In other words, how will you get and keep customers. Be specific. Don’t just say “I’m going to use social media.” Tell the reader what platform you will focus on, how many times per day or week you will post, create a social media calendar if possible, etc.
  6. What’s your budget for the next 6-12 months? Think about your goals and how much money you need to put into the organization in order to achieve them. Calculate your budget for the next 6-12 months. Be realistic. If your business requires lots of networking, include the costs. If you need a premium LinkedIn account, include it. Do you need to travel? Include it.

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