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3D-03-250True or False? Banks and investors don’t finance start-ups or early stage companies. The answer is False.

On average, banks, angel investors and venture capitalists gave 5 million small businesses, start ups and early stage companies over $200 billion in financing each year.

When considering bank loans, angel investments or venture capital, financing sources want to know specific information before you can play with their money. It’s time to get into the head of investors and banks, understand their desires, and learn how to play their game.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between banks, angel investors and venture capitalists
  • What makes a bank or investor say NO to a great business idea
  • The 11 questions banks and investors want answered
  • The best person to pitch your business idea…and it’s not necessarily the CEO
  • The real goal of your Executive Summary
  • How to position your business to receive Yeses from multiple sources
  • Where to find money even if you have no rich uncles or friends – and it’s not the country club
  • How to interview investors and when to turn their money down
  • Why you should maintain strong banking relationships even if you’re financed by angel investors or venture capitalists

What makes the difference between a No and Yes? The answer is simple. Investors and banks speak a foreign language to most entrepreneurs. This book is the Rosetta Stone® of bank and investor language.


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