Business Plan Writer for Companies Raising Capital

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is an investable business plan different from a normal business plan?

Yes. Normal business plans may be as short as one page and are used for managerial purposes to denote where the company is headed. An investable business plan must persuade those with money to place their limited funds into your company.

Investable business plans have the following sections:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Market Opportunity
  3. Customer Acquisition & Retention
  4. Team
  5. Competition & Competitive Advantage
  6. Financial Forecasts
  7. Payback Plan (for Angel Investors only)

Most important – investable business plans help entrepreneurs learn how to pitch their businesses to banks, angel investors and venture capitalists.

What’s your process for assembling business plans for funding packages?

Our process begins with our Business Plan Questionnaire which enables us to prepare the 7 sections of the business plan listed above. We set up a 60 minute meeting and review the questionnaire with you.

After the questionnaire is complete, we create Draft 1 of your plan which includes 6 sections of the investable business plan. (Draft 1 does not include Executive Summary or Financial Forecasts)

You review Draft 1 and discuss changes that must be made on a conference call.

Draft 2 is created with the Executive Summary and Financial Forecasts.

You review Draft 2 and discuss changes that must be made on a conference call.

Draft 3 is the final business plan which can be sent to funding sources.

How long does it take to write the business plan?

A minimum of 6 weeks.

How long does it take to raise business capital?

Three (3) to twelve (12) months on average depending on the source of capital. Businesses seeking bank loans with SBA guarantees average 3-4 months. Businesses with angel investor relationships average 4-6 months. Businesses without angel investor relationships average 6-12 months.

Who should I ask for money?

Let’s begin with bank funding. To get a bank loan, you must be able to answer YES to the following questions:

  • Do I have good credit? (The score you need depends on the bank you approach and the program they submit your loan application for; however, most of us intuitively know if we have good credit).
  • Do I have 10%-25% of the business loan amount in cash? If you are a startup, you need 25%. Established businesses need 10%.
  • If I am a startup, do I have 6 months of living expenses in cash or a spouse that works and can support household bills with his or her income?
  • Do I have collateral? (Again…the amount of collateral needed depends on the bank but most of us know if we have some collateral).
  • Does my business make money every day, week or month? If you are a startup, will you make money during the first month your doors are open?

If you’ve answered YES to all of the above questions, you should pursue bank financing. If you answered NO to any of these questions, you’ll need an angel investor.

What is an angel investor?

An angel investor is someone (family, friend, business owner in the community) that places money into your company without considering your credit score or collateral. In most cases, if you lose the money, they will not take your house or other possessions.

Are banks really lending?

Yes. From 2008-2012, banks loaned an average of 6.5 million businesses over $216 million each year. (Source: FFIEC)

How successful are you in helping companies raise capital?

We have both success stories and testimonials from clients & bankers/angel investors with capital to invest. We supply contact information for references if you are seriously considering hiring us.

Do you have a guarantee?

Most reputable business plan writers do not guarantee funding because there are too many variables that are out of our control (your credit, collateral, ability to pitch).

However, we don’t take clients that we believe are not investable. Here’s our guarantee – If you:

  • have a revenue producing business model and profitable business,
  • adequate credit and collateral (for those seeking bank loans),
  • are coachable in terms of learning how to pitch your business, and
  • speak to a minimum of 15 banks or 50 angel investors who are actively seeking businesses within your industry/sector,

And you receive 3 responses from these capital sources stating that the reason you are denied funding is solely because of the quality of the business plan, we will return your funds.

Do you create cash flow projections and financial forecasts for my business plan?


Will you introduce me to angel investors and sources of capital?

We do not introduce entrepreneurs to sources of capital.

Can you pitch my company for me?

No, this is illegal. The Security Exchange Commission (SEC) has a rule that only licensed brokers and company officers are able to pitch your business. However, we will thoroughly prepare you for pitches.

Can you help me prepare my oral pitch for angel investors?

Yes – it’s required for our guarantee.

Why should I hire an experienced writer like you?

If you want your business plan done on time as agreed and you’re looking for a quality written document that will get results, you’ll find no one who will work more diligently than me.

My corporate background is in corporate finance. During my 5 year tenure at my last W2 job (which I left in 2009), I was tasked with creating budgets and pricing for contracts. I was asked to give one page summaries of the financial health of our company, as well as individual contracts and projects within the company. Ninety-eight (98%) percent of what I did went to the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer to make strategic decisions about the company. The company grew from $50 million to $200 million during my time there.

After leaving corporate America, I worked in our family’s bookkeeping business. I was able to see not only the financial reports but also speak with the owners of over 100 businesses during my 3 year tenure there.

I bring not only financial wherewithal but also marketing & sales expertise to all companies who work with me.

How can I contact you?

The best way to schedule a 15 minute consultation where we can discuss your business funding goals is to call our office at 703-489-4589 or email