Business Plan Writer for Companies Raising Capital

Financial Models

If you’ve already written your business plan but need help putting together your financials, we can assist with that. We understand that many people aren’t good with numbers. That’s okay.

When we create financial forecasts for business plans, we look at your marketing, operating and staffing information. We don’t forget important items like insurance, payroll taxes, employee benefits, and recruiting costs.

We review your business plan with you and create financial forecasts for banks, angel investors, startup companies and growing businesses.

The financial forecasts include:

  1. Profit & Loss (Income) Statement – We pay attention to items such as seasonality and realistic growth curves within your projections.
  2. Balance Sheet – We create a realistic forecast of your assets and liabilities based on your written plan.
  3. Cash Flow Statement – We make sure you never “run out of cash” on your cash flow statements. If your funding sources sees any insolvency, you WILL be denied funding.
  4. Break Even Analysis – Shows the number of units you must sell each month (or the minimum revenues you must make) in order to pay all your bills.


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