Business Plan Writer for Companies Raising Capital

My Story

Cheree WarrickMy name is Cheree Warrick and I began writing business plans in 2009. My mother ran a bookkeeping company and wanted a business loan to expand her company. I was tasked with writing the business plan. The problem? While I had written a business plan in school, I had no experience writing one in the “real world”. I couldn’t let my family down by not creating something exceptional.

I used resources from the SBA, Google, and Amazon to put together a first draft. I showed it to a mentor of mine who had 40 years’ experience running companies and raising capital. He said, “Make these changes and give it to the bank.” I did what he said and the bank said it was one of the best business plans they’d ever read.

After that experience, I became fascinated with why certain entrepreneurs can raise millions of dollars over and over again while most cannot raise any money. I learned the formula for creating investable business plans and wrote a book called, Creating Business Plans that Actually Get Financed.

Since 2012, I have been blessed. I’ve spoken around the country, been published in numerous online publications and magazines, and was featured on radio interviews. But the biggest successes I’ve had (and my proudest moments) are when entrepreneurs receive the funding they deserve.

My personal mission is to help 1000 entrepreneurs raise $1 billion in capital. I believe our ability as entrepreneurs to raise capital, attract great teams and build great businesses is the answer to our economic issues worldwide. We hold the power.