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Start-Up Business Plans

Starting a business is daunting. It takes both time and money to get your company up and running.

Many entrepreneurs are seeking a Feasibility Report to determine whether they should start a business in a specific industry.

As we write your start-up business plan, we help you discover:

  1. If you are pursuing the best market opportunity for your skill set and personal goals
  2. The marketing tasks you must do to maximize revenues
  3. Any legal or regulatory obstacles that would hinder your success
  4. The estimated profit you should make and how long it will take to break even

Our start-up business plans are 20-30 pages and have 7 parts:

  1. Executive Summary – includes brief company and financial overview
  2. Market Opportunity – discusses the problem your product or service solves, the size of the market place, and what piece of the market you intend to dominate
  3. Customer Attraction & Retention – the marketing plan explains how we’ll attract, convert, and retain customers
  4. Operations – if applicable, the operations plan shows your streamlined business process
  5. Team/Management – discusses the management team you have in place and those you need to help the company to its overall goals
  6. Competition & Competitive Advantage – includes SWOT analysis, list of top 3 competitors and your competitive advantage
  7. Financial Projections – shows Profit & Loss (Income) Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, and Break Even Analysis

Business Plans range from $3,500 – $10,000+ (depending on the amount of work required, complexity of business, and other services offered).

Plan Reviews range from $485 – $1499 (depending on the amount of work required, length of document to be reviewed, and number of comments to plan).

One Page Business Plans with 12 Month Financial Forecasts are $499.

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