Business Plan Writer for Companies Raising Capital


My experience on Shark Tank has taught me how to spot the startups most likely to succeed and get funding. The strategies taught by Cheree offer entrepreneurs the best shot at receiving capital from investors like me.
– Barbara Corcoran, Author of Shark Tales: How I Turned $1000 into a Billion Dollar Business and Star of ABC’s Shark Tank
As in any business, it is not what you want to sell that matters. It is what the customer wants to buy. This book is a terrific reality handbook for raising capital and understanding EXACTLY what investors want to buy from you when they are looking to invest in your company.
– Valerie S. Gaydos, President, Capital Growth, Inc. and Founder, Angel Venture Forum
As a commercial banker, I have the opportunity to speak with lots of entrepreneurs and view plenty of requests for financing. The strategies within Creating Business Plans that Actually Get Financed create a roadmap that all entrepreneurs should consider in order to successfully receive bank financing.
– Rafael Martinez, Commercial Banker, Access National Bank
Yes, it may be tougher to receive bank financing today than it was 10 years ago, but banks are eager to lend. We’re looking for businesses with strong financial statements and business teams that can take advantage of market opportunities. Cheree does a first rate job of explaining what the bank is looking for and how entrepreneurs can position their companies to receive bank financing.
– Rich Irons, Commercial Banker, First Citizens Bank
Sandy Spring Bank has financed countless companies – many of which have grown to enormous success. Successfully financed companies have an ability to easily explain the problem they’re solving in the marketplace, how they’ll attract and keep customers, the people behind the company and the bottom line financially. Cheree (and her book – Creating Business Plans that Actually Get Financed) explains these strategies in the simplest terms for the everyday entrepreneur.
– Donna Wilson, Commercial Banker, Sandy Spring Bank
I regularly receive requests for angel funding. Most requests are deficient – not because the idea is bad, but because the presentation doesn’t reflect my concerns as an investor. Don’t let that happen to you. Learn the key principles from Creating Business Plans that Actually Get Financed and knock your presentation out of the ball park.
– Karen Gillison, Angel Investor and Principal Consultant, Code Sherpas Inc.
If you want the best shot of raising capital, learn the strategies within Creating Business Plans that Actually Get Financed.
– Tien Wong, Angel Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, and CEO of Lore Systems, Inc.